NTP-Palvelu Oy

Reliable licensed taxi service in southern Finland — for You who value quality.

I have worked as a taxi driver in the Helsinki area for over 20 years.

In addition to finnish, I speak english and swedish - as well as some german and spanish.

My car is a premium class Jaguar XF, black AWD sedan.

Unfortunately I can not provide one-time trips of less than 15 km, nor do I allow pets.

Payment options

Payment methods include bank cards, credit cards and the option for businesses to invoice — and of course cash!

Take contact

Ask for an offer or contact on other matters via email or phone.

Customer feedback and contact in case of any mishap via email, thank You.


NTP-Palvelu Oy / Pertti Nuutinen
Seisakkeentie 270, 03320 SELKI
+358 500 458 101
Business ID: 0771905-0